Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why "Interactive" Cat Toys?

Hunting is natural to all cats; running and playing keeps the body
in shape and the brain stimulated. When cats chase, catching is
the "prize." Everyone likes to win and cats are no exception.

Why Play With Your Cat?
Animal behaviorists say that when you play with your cat, you
increase the strong, loving bond between you.

Why Is This Good For People?
When a cat stalks and chases its favorite toy, it's a lot of fun
to watch. It's a well documented fact that fun and laughter has
a healthy and calming effect on people unlike anything else.

Why Glow in the Dark for Cats?
Think about it. Cats play, chase and hunt primarily when the light in dim,
like at dawn or dusk. The Glow 'N the Dark Cat Toy provides a
natural play time your cat will instinctively enjoy.

Do Dogs Really Play with Chase 'N Pull Toys?
Most dogs - especially young dogs - LOVE to play tug of war. They also
love to chase and attack fast moving objects. We tested our
exclusive design with over 100 dogs, and 92 of them jumped
and played with our toys as long as we would play with them.

Is it True that you supply cat toys for use with wild animals,
such as Tigers and Lions?

Oh my. Our cat and dog toys are used in several places with wild cats.
Here's a quote from a letter we recieved in August, 2001, from
Carole Lewis, Founder of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida:
"Thank you for the Chase 'N Pull Dog Toys...your kindness has enabled 22 species
of endangered cats to enjoy a new form of entertainment. You have made safe fun
possible, and enabled us to use our restricted budget on other issues such as providing
veterinary care, the best food possible and the most natural housing possible.
Thank you so much for your generosity."

How Many awards have you won for your products?

We've lost count! Since we started in 1988, we have won Best Product of the Year by Cat Fancy at least 6 times. We are very proud to have our products recognized for the quality and construction, as well as the reaction that cats (and dogs and tigers) have when they play with them. We take great pride in the workmanship of our line, and the awards are proof that we are doing something right.


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