The Litter Lifter®

The Litter Lifter®

Patent Pending
Made in USA

The best, most practical scooper on the planet.

New glossy Litter-Lifter® scoops created with no flat surfaces facilitate the separation of waste from clean litter without accumulating kitty litter in the scoop. Its lifting action eliminates shaking and reduces dust clouds. Its strong leading edge allows easy scraping

The Litter-Lifter's sleek design and 7 inch functional wedge-shaped tines facilitate fewer passes through the litter box. The Peaked Blades? let litter slide back into the box. The ease of use without releasing unnecessary dust into the home permits more frequent cleaning. The Litter-Lifter (R) is an exceptional advance in maintaining cleaner air, a clean scoop, and a clean litter box for a hygienic environment.

Some Press:
"I have to admit that I always thought that litter scoops were pretty mundane products - a dime a dozen, and all basically alike, right? When I received the offer of a sample Litter-Lifter scoop, I was mildly interested and accepted, thinking privately 'but don't hold your breath for a rave review.'

However, after receiving and testing the Litter-Lifter, I discovered that this old cat still has some new tricks to learn..."

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