Top Ten Cat Toys – 2001

Top Ten Cat Toys – 2001 Reprinted from CatFancy® January 2001 5. GLOW ‘N THE DARK CURLY CAT TOY Sally, a 14-year old Abyssinian-mix, is active, friendly and curious by nature. So it’s no surprise she literally pounced on the Glo ‘N The Dark Curly Cat Toy from Vee Enterprises. This toy features an 18-inch […]

Best Products of 2001

Best Products of 2001 Reprinted from The Whole Cat Journal™ Nov/Dec 2001 The Litter Trapping Mat is tops at keeping litter tracking to a minimum. Comments: This mat conquers the tracking problem on two fronts: size and plush thickness. The cats seem to like the way it feels so they walk leisurely across it rather […]